Jiffry Zulfer

Jiffry Zulfer

CEO @ PickMe

A serial entrepreneur counting 16 years of founding and successfully running several technology-based ventures, JiffryZulfer, currently has himself invested in the most successful tech based business solution in the country. As the Founder-CEO of PickMe – a ground breaking technological innovation to an everyday problem i.e. taxi hailing – Zulfer is example of modern day Tech Entrepreneurs.

An early entrepreneur in the Tech space in Sri Lanka, Zulfer ran a server solutions company out of his room when he was still in School. He then went on to develop a peer to peer trading platform for which he closed the initial round of funding, this was during the time when the dot com bust and twin tower attack occurred. Subsequently Zulfer set up a fully fledged Internet Agency, which he successfully exited.

Just Prior to PickMe, he contributed as CTO and part of the founding management of anything.lk which was re-branded as wow.lk following its acquisition by Dialog. Anything.lk, a daily deal company, was the first of its kind in the ecommerce space in Sri Lanka, and was a successful tech startup that attracted media attention at that time.

Crediting his talent as a driving force in technopreneurship, Zulfer was awarded the ICTA Young IT Professional Award (May 2006).

Zulfer a strong advocate of the shared economy, believes car ownership would soon become a thing of the past. Zulfer owns no vehicles and gets all his work done through PickMe, which he says is cheap, convenient and productive. He says ride sharing is the smart alternative for car ownership, which also benefits both the overall economy and the environment. He believes Sri Lanka has come along way and we are ready to embrace the next wave of growth.